We use HelloSponsor every single day. We're so thankful for the benefit it brings our business.

- Matt Hulbert, Marketing Manager at Courtesy Corporation - McDonald’s Restaurants


Courtesy Corporation-McDonald's is one of the largest McDonald’s owner operators in the US, with 56 McDonald’s restaurants located in Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Iowa. The company supports thousands of community, family and charity events annually with food donations, cash donations, and coupons.


Lacking an efficient system to manage donation requests overwhelmed Courtesy Corporation-McDonald’s marketing team. Courtesy Corporation-McDonald’s needed a centralized platform to track their requests, approvals, and donation budget. Sorting through sponsorship and donation requests was inconsistent.


Courtesy Corporation-McDonald’s uses HelloSponsor as a central portal for collecting donation requests, responding to those requests, and tracking their fulfillment. As Matt Hulbert, Marketing Manager puts it, one of the main benefits of HelloSponsor is greater transparency of their charitable activity:
Knowing where our dollars are going, how much we’re giving to each region… is key to having a successful business model.
HelloSponsor improves communication across the Courtesy Corporation-McDonald’s team. Managing communication with event organizers through emails, letters, and phone calls was challenging.
Previously, knowing who was responsible for managing requests was a confusing process with inconsistent follow up. Now, we have everything in one place and we know who is responsible for specific tasks.


HelloSponsor built a custom feature for Courtesy Corporation-McDonald’s that displays donation activity at the store level. With 56 stores to manage, HelloSponsor ensures they are supporting each store.
Any retailer or restaurant franchise with an interest in supporting their community would greatly benefit from HelloSponsor’s store-level visibility.