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    Manage your events and track the results in one central place

  • Bye bye spreadsheets

    HelloSponsor's field marketing software tracks your company's event calendar, budget, contracts, checklists, photos, recaps, ROI, analytics and much more!

  • Hundreds of B2B and B2C marketers trust HelloSponsor to manage and track their events

  • Why HelloSponsor?

    HelloSponsor is a game changer for organizations that execute more than 50 events per year. HelloSponsor will save you time, allow your team to be more proactive instead of reactive, and will result in clear visibility into your events across your entire organization.


    We help you track events ranging from conferences, trade shows, festivals, sampling, speaking engagements, to internal events.


    HelloSponsor tracks your event marketing activity

  • Collect Event Requests

    HelloSponsor's event request form saves time by enabling you to collect event information upfront from event organizers or from your internal team. The information you collect is completely customizable by you.


    Once submitted, the event is automatically sent to your dashboard for your review and consideration.


    Bonus perk: Your form can be easily branded and embedded onto your existing website!

  • Cloud-Based Dashboard

    HelloSponsor’s cloud-based dashboard keeps your events organized and accessible anywhere, including on the web and on mobile devices. The customizable dashboard keeps your event calendar, budgets, and details in one central place.

  • Checklists & Budgets

    HelloSponsor's checklists ensure that your team has a process in place to manage each event. Receive email reminders with important dates and deadlines.


    HelloSponsor's budget tracker enables you to track your projected vs. actual budgets and understand how your money is being spent.


    Bonus perk: Our advanced search feature easily calculates budgets by event type, demographic or any other data point in the system!

  • Reporting & Analytics

    HelloSponsor's reporting module allows you to easily see how your events are performing in real-time allowing you to seamlessly create and share event recaps with your team.


    Recaps can include qualitative and quantitative metrics like quality of attendees, # of leads, impressions, social media posts, photos, press clips, etc.


    Bonus perk: Customize your reporting page to display the metrics that are the most important to you and your team!

  • FAQs

    At HelloSponsor, we make sure that your team's transition to our software is as seamless and simple as possible!


    All Aboard

    We upload all your existing event data for you so you begin seeing value from HelloSponsor immediately!


    Rigorously Tested, Engineer Approved

    Our system is safe and secure. Powered by Amazon Web Services and SSL encrypted, we make sure your data is stored reliably and confidentially. Never worry about data infidelity again!


    We play well with others

    Whether it's a CRM system, marketing automation software, calendar or other, ask us about our various integrations and how they can be right for your team.

  • What is my ROI?

    The biggest question of all - what impact will this have on my business?

    Time Savings

    HelloSponsor customers achieve an average of 8-10 hours in time savings per week. Without having to worry about the busy work, you can focus on maximizing the impact of each and every event opportunity.

    Economic Value

    HelloSponsor customers report an average annual returned value in the $100,000 - $125,000 range. This is the result of gained insights and analyses provided by the system.


    Smart and simple.



    $129 per user per month includes:


    - Access to entire suite of HelloSponsor solutions

    - Manage unlimited events

    - Free setup and account configuration

    - Ongoing email and phone support



    For larger accounts, ask us about our custom enterprise solutions.


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  • We're privileged to work with some of the best marketers in the world.


    Sixpoint Brewery


    “We like to focus on our mad science of brewing, not the logistics of events.”​


    Sixpoint Brewery receives hundreds of sponsorship requests each month. As an active supporter of local events in New York City, it became increasingly difficult for Sixpoint to sort through requests to identify the right events to support. Measuring the success of their events was just as difficult


    Read the case study


    Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati


    “We used an event spreadsheet for 10 years. And now I’m a believer in HelloSponsor.”


    With a busy event schedule including weekly sponsorships, speaking engagements and privately hosted events, WSGR's 4-person marketing events team was seeking a central place to track their event details, budgets and calendars.


    Read the case study


    Courtesy Corporation-McDonald's


    “We use HelloSponsor every single day. We're so thankful for the benefit it brings our business.”


    Lacking an efficient system to manage donation requests was overwhelming. Matt needed a centralized platform to track their requests, approvals, and donation budget. Sorting through sponsorship and donation requests was inconsistent.


    Read the case study

  • Meet The Team

    We're a team of event marketers and technologists with a passion for doing things right!

    Greg Kubin


    Greg loves coming up with elegant solutions to challenging problems. His experience in marketing ranges from working with startups to Fortune 500 companies including Viacom and Morgan Stanley. When he isn't helping marketing teams think differently about events, you can find him on Twitter or eating crispy fish tacos in New York City.

    Ilia Mirkin


    Ilia is a coding mastermind. Ilia started his career at Google, was an early engineer at Yext, and specializes in programming, scalability, & data analysis. He knows every episode of the Simpsons and South Park by heart.




    Benny Rubin


    Benny brings 10 years of experience working with CPG brands. He has founded and operated several successful businesses, including a company that introduced Justin Bieber and Britney Spears' social media presence to Japan.




    And a team of rock stars working hard to improve the way event marketing is done once and for all!


    Want to join the HelloSponsor team? We're hiring!



    We know a thing or two about event marketing. We've seen it all and we're happy to share our experiences.

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