• Track And Grow Your Event ROI With Confidence

    Streamline your in-person and virtual event workflows.

  • Say Goodbye To Messy Spreadsheets

    HelloSponsor empowers your team with a cloud-based event management solution -- that hustles as hard as you do. We're a customized platform tailored to track your tradeshow sponsorships, conferences, and virtual events.

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  • Benefits

    Built for event managers by event managers.

    Your Custom

    Event Database

    Easily access your important event data and resources from anywhere at anytime. Store all of your upcoming and historical event information safely in the cloud.

    Accurate Reporting

    & Recaps

    Identify your best performing events to maximize ROI. Integrate into your sales CRM to track your revenue impact. Report on quarterly and annual growth metrics.

    Faster Cross-functional


    Share event details with one click. Sync with your HelloSponsor calendar to keep everyone in the loop on upcoming events. Integrate with other sales and marketing platforms.

    Stay On


    Track your budget with projected and actual real-time reporting.


    Streamline Sponsorship Requests & Approvals

    Quickly review incoming event & sponsorship requests through our inbound form. Easily share event details for approvals.

    Automate Task

    & Reminders

    Create to-do lists for you and your team and never miss a deadline again.


  • HelloSponsor ROI

    The biggest question of all - what impact will this have on your business?

    Time Savings

    HelloSponsor customers achieve an average of 20+ hours in time savings per week. Without having to worry about the busy work, you can focus on maximizing the impact of each and every event opportunity.

    Economic Value

    HelloSponsor customers returned value of $20,000 to $100,000 each year. This is the result of time savings, organization, and analysis that HelloSponsor provides your team.

  • Easy Onboarding

    We ensure that your team's transition to HelloSponsor is as seamless as possible!


    All Aboard

    We can upload all your existing spreadsheets and event data so you begin seeing value from HelloSponsor immediately!


    Rigorously Tested, Engineer Approved

    Our system is safe and secure. Powered by Amazon Web Services and SSL encrypted, we make sure your data is stored reliably and confidentially. Never worry about data loss again!


    We play well with others

    We integrate with CRMs, marketing automation software, calendars, and more!




    • Up to 2 users
    • Custom event request form
    • Approval workflow
    • Budget tracking
    • 1 Dashboard & Inbound Form
    • Checklists and reminders
    • Document storage
    • Event recap module
    • Analytics reporting
    • Calendar sync
    • Ongoing email and phone support



    • Up to 10 users
    • Custom event request form
    • Approval workflow
    • Budget tracking
    • 3 Dashboards & Inbound Forms
    • Checklists and reminders
    • Document storage
    • Event recap module
    • Analytics reporting
    • CRM sync
    • Calendar sync
    • Ongoing email and phone support





    • Unlimited users
    • Custom event request form
    • Approval workflow
    • Budget tracking
    • 10 Dashboards & Inbound Forms
    • Checklists and reminders
    • Document storage
    • Event recap module
    • Analytics reporting
    • CRM sync
    • Calendar sync
    • Ongoing email and phone support


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  • Case Studies

    We're privileged to work with some of the best event marketers in the world.


    Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati


    “We used an event spreadsheet for 10 years. And now I’m a believer in HelloSponsor.”


    With a busy event schedule including weekly sponsorships, speaking engagements and privately hosted events, WSGR's 4-person marketing events team was seeking a central place to track their event details, budgets and calendars.


    Read the case study


    Sixpoint Brewery


    “We like to focus on our mad science of brewing, not the logistics of events.”​


    Sixpoint Brewery receives hundreds of sponsorship requests each month. As an active supporter of local events in New York City, it became increasingly difficult for Sixpoint to sort through requests to identify the right events to support. Measuring the success of their events was just as difficult


    Read the case study


    Courtesy Corporation-McDonald's


    “We use HelloSponsor every single day. We're so thankful for the benefit it brings our business.”


    Lacking an efficient system to manage donation requests was overwhelming. Matt needed a centralized platform to track their requests, approvals, and donation budget. Sorting through sponsorship and donation requests was inconsistent.


    Read the case study

  • Meet The Team

    We're a team of event enthusiasts and technologists.

    Greg Kubin


    Greg loves coming up with elegant solutions to challenging problems. His experience in marketing ranges from working with startups to Fortune 500 companies including Viacom and Morgan Stanley. You can find him on Twitter or eating crispy fish tacos in New York City.



    Shaun Gallagher


    Shaun Gallagher is a seasoned engineering and technologist specializing in scaling software and development teams. His expertise is in Software Architecture to scale large data processes, cybersecurity, and threat intelligence with a background at Fortune 500 companies, such as Deloitte, as well as startups. Shaun is also an avid martial artist and former self-defense instructor.



    May Chen-Contino


    May has spent her career in tech focused on B2B Enterprise Marketing & Sales for Fortune 500 companies, such as eBay & PayPal, and startups. She has a passion for event marketing and strategic & operational excellence. May also enjoys teaching Krav Maga , an Israeli self-defense, and loving her retired dog model, Cali.

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