We like to focus on our mad science of brewing - not the logistics of events.

- Aaron Ekroth, Creative Director at Sixpoint Brewery


Sixpoint Brewery is one of the most popular craft breweries in the US. The brewery is headquartered in Brooklyn, NY and produces over 50,000 barrels of beer annually including their famous Sweet Action and Resin IPA.


Sixpoint Brewery receives hundreds of sponsorship requests each month. As an active supporter of local events in New York City, it became increasingly difficult for Sixpoint to sort through requests to identify the right events to support. Measuring the success of their events was just as difficult.


Sixpoint Brewery uses HelloSponsor to manage their sponsorship requests, track budgets, assign tasks, and recap their events. As a result, Sixpoint Brewery gets to a point of decision making 50% faster with HelloSponsor. As Aaron Ekroth, Sixpoint’s Creative Director explains how:
In the past, we spent a lot of extra time acquiring the info we needed to even consider a sponsorship request. Now, we're spending 50% less time overall on our sponsorship management - which allows us to remain focused on supporting the events and communities we work with.
Sixpoint's entire events team manages the process without stress now. For example, Sixpoint's Event Manager Jamie Leithead utilizes HelloSponsor to create reminders to ship beer to each event. She also uses HelloSponsor to keep a running tally of the amount of budget that is being allocated to Sixpoint’s events.
Number one benefit for me without a doubt is organization - I wouldn't want to go back to event management without HelloSponsor.


HelloSponsor provides Sixpoint with demographic data that informs the team’s event marketing strategy. Specifically, HelloSponsor helps Sixpoint collect and analyze demographic information like age range and interests of event attendees.
It's not just about organization and logistics. We are now more closely connected to the communities we're supporting - we have a much clearer picture of our consumers' culture.